Sunday, January 14, 2018

the main differences between me visiting vegas at age 21-25 and me visiting vegas in 2018

first thing i did when i got into vegas from a greyhound bus then, was go straight to the casino (either Binions or the Mirage, or the El cortez) was go sit right down in the stud game.

When someone is 48 yrs old and spent the whole night in Greektown without sleep? well my Spirit flight arrived 45 minutes early and since its like 7am in the morning, i cant go get a room. there may be hotels in vegas that let u check in this early, but those are rare occasions. If there is a hotel in vegas which ALWAYS lets u check in at 7am id like to know about it. and i dont mean the 24 hour weekly budget suites place across from sams town, or the one on Tropicana and boulder hwy called Sportmans royal manor or something like it. those 2 places are unsafe, just like the place the Trooper used to live at.

so i decided to sleep in the airport, where i wouldnt be bothered since it was on the side already past the security. fell asleep and didnt wake up for good til 12.47pm. i slept in an area few people were sitting in and on the floor against the wall so i could lay down. no one bothered me. then i went to check into the hotel i prebooked online before leaving the airport in detroit. and since i have no luggage ill need to buy some used clothes and some other things such as food and microwave containers and water pitchers too, when i get the chance. but i need more sleep first before finishing up this blog and heading for the casino.

and of course, coming with a little over $17,000 (after purchasing the room) instead of over $500-1000 makes a big difference too. people who are under 25 still think that under $2000 is enough for them to never go broke on because they dont have the experiences i have. i just hope i still have over $17,000 late Febuary when my room expires. also i asked TSA about my ID and he told me he was under the impression Loiusiana would be good til around the end of 2018.

would like to hear from Alysia and Vince too. i need to pick up my books, and to go food shopping. plus i need assistance only Vince can provide by going into the phone company in person with me to switch out my old phone for one with a battery thats not completely shot that they dont make no more. we might wish to go to the BJ machine. i wish i had the phone number for AC, it would let me know for sure she is seeing my texts instantly when on twitter i might not know shes seen it for hours.

im shocked all the time when people dont see their emails instantly. i usually see mine fairly quickly if im not asleep as often i refresh the browser. like when JOhn mehaffey said he didnt read emails over the thanksfiving holiday til it was passed, i thought it was rude.

Friday, January 12, 2018

blizzard coming

i wanted to make sure i wouldnt need to play in the casino in toledo no more instead of having the option to play in Detroit instead so i decided it might be a good idea to get a motel in detroit for 1-3 nites since a blizzard is coming within 5-12 hours. and Ray wouldnt be able to drive up. this way i wouldnt need to stay in toledo. Ray said if theres a level 3 snow emergency as expected, the casino would have to shut down in toledo as only emergency travel would be permitted.

so i ended up finding a 4 star hotel room tonight for $86 thru priceline, which actually ended up being $111 after taxes and fees. tomorrow ill have a $209 room in the casino itself which ill use $150 in comps for and pay the different plus the taxes there. my room is within 4 blocks of the casino and once its no longer dark outside would be okay to walk it since im right in the middle of the downtown business district.

at least the net and shower gives good hot water. and im glad Ray remembered to bring inside the hotel right before he dropped me off (and i wanted to bring my laptop up to the room so i wouldnt need to worry if security would block me from carrying it into the casino) he handed me the food in the car too, for i wouldnt have remembered it, then id been starving to death in the room.

the $500 i got for the high hand, which Ray received 10% of, due to the deal we always make on jackpot type promotions, mostly is gone now. i gave back alot of it, spent too much for hotels, and tipped the dealer $25 of it. then i paid the cab $6 to avoid walking, and uber wouldve actually been more due to the $7+ minimum.

here is the hand i wanted to talk about and the sole reason for writing the blog post. this is the hand that took the entire $295 i had in front of me shortly before i left to go to the hotel. i raised the straddle to $25 preflop with KK and there were 3 very deep stacks on my table, and some of them moved tables to be with the other big stacks due to their policy of matching the biggest stack on the table, (which all poker rooms need to emulate).

3 people called, which is more than i wanted. flop comes AJ9 with 2 to a flush, which is also not what i wanted. we all checked. the turn comes 7 offsuit, and this time the 2nd player to act bets $45. i call, hoping to be the only caller, but no, one other guy calls too. both of which had well over $1500 in chips. and the high hand promotion had ended. so i figured no one would be slow playing with all the draws present. river comes A. first guy checks, 2nd guy, whose made a bluff before, bets $100. i called, hoping the other guy (and him) were on draws. id played almost no hands, they know how i play, and they knew i was up, so i expected to be bluffed.

the first guy goes allin, the 2nd guy folds his missed straight with QT, (see he was bluffing) and i called my other $100 or so. he overbet so much i didnt believe him, and i thought he was just trying to get the other guy off. and also i felt like he KNEW i didnt have an ace. he shows ace 9 for the boat and im out.

i cant believe he would not check raise on the turn, he let the other guy have oppoturnities to suck out on the river (or me suck out) much too cheap. i sure wouldnt have played it the way he did.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

i was the donkey and quite a lucky one too

I've made it up to detroit much less often here lately due to Ray not feeling his best due to strepthroat going around. so about 5 times this week i played in toledo instead of detroit where i dont do nearly as well and the casino and the poker room basically suck. i convinced him to see the doctor, reminding him his coverage is free, and they gave him a prescription and told him he had 103 fever. of course its not nearly this bad now.

i played the PLO8 tourney in toledo and managed to survive somehow to 5th, which paid $225. there ended up being 25 entries. at 24 entries only 3 spots get paid, so i got quite a break. $120 + $10 was the buyin. i hate how all tournies make u pay extra for the dealer fee, just so the winners wont need to tip they make all the losers pay it instead in fees. makes it cost more to enter. i was quite short when i busted in 5th, then they chopped it up 4 ways, pissing me off because i offered to take much less if they chopped 5 ways but they didnt. $550 to each of them, $300 to me. was surprised they even had this tourney but this week they had a few different kind of tourneys. they never even offer $1-2 PLO here, the lowest they will deal is $5-5 on rare occasions.

but heres a few hand histories from Greektown casino in detroit on the day Ray and I were able to make it up there.

i was stuck and on tilt when i limped $2 with 4-4 in early position. the guy last to act goes $12 and i suspect BS, so i went allin for $100 as if id limped in with AA. only he calls, with 99. on the flop i got quad fours. he couldnt stop talking about it for 10 minutes nor could ray to every friend on the phone.

another regular was heavily stuck on tilt. i called his $40 raise preflop once with 85 of diamonds. flop comes 885 with 2 spades. he bet $100 i shoved $270. 3rd guy in folds, and he does too after a bit of thought. i thought he would be more likely to call then, with the spade draw out because i feared an ace king or spade coming, killing my action if he had JJ or QQ. but maybe i make more if i only call?

and then once i limped KT offsuit in late position. flop comes A23 with 2 clubs. i bet $10 to steal when 3 guys check to me, and only the button calls. turn comes J and i had no idea hes got aces and jacks and is slowplaying. hes been winning, too. i bet $30, he calls only. river comes Q of clubs, giving me the runner runner straight. i check, worried of the club. he bets $50 and i call, and he is a bit surprised when i show the straight to his AAJJ. if he raises the flop or the turn, id be gone of course.

overall im way less still than when i had the $20,000 or the $25,000 but im about $2000 better off than when i flew here from Deadwood. im still waiting to hear from the state department on documents, its been close to 6 weeks now id think.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

its colder here than it was in deadwood

i'm still better off than i was when i arrived in toledo from Deadwood, though i dont feel it so much after giving back close to $500 in the last 2 nights. sometimes Mickeys info has come in useful and sometimes its only cost me money. i wish he could point out everything in detroit i dont know already. theres nothing much to talk about and its far better i spend my time out earning money than sitting here and updating this blog.

so since theres nothing else to talk about here is a few hand histories. yesterday in the $1-2 game i called a small raise of like $6-10 to see the flop with 77. flop comes A25, all 4 of us checked. turn comes 5 its checked once more and the guy in last position finally bets $15. somehow i feel he doesnt have an ace, nor does anyone else, so i bet $45. everyone folds, i show 77. he said he folded 99 and the asian kid next to him swore he folded KK.

then in $1-3 PLO, i seen a flop for $35 with 9986 nothing suited when i shouldnt have. in the cutoff, and the button who straddled made it $35 when it got limped to him, and 5 people called in front of me. flop comes A 10 7 with 2 clubs. the button goes allin for $175 when its limped to him, everyone folds but 1 guy in middle position who bets $350 being stuck quite a bit and wanting to get even from big losses in greektown this week earlier, i called, leaving like $60 behind. turn comes 6 of clubs, check, check. (good thing he didnt bet). yes i shouldve went allin if calling the flop but folding would been better. river 2 of spades. check check. i won and cashed out $1222 of the $750 i was in the game for. the original allin had aaa and the raiser had 777 with a gut shot straight draw to the ace. no one had the flush

then i survived earlier on because i raised preflop with AAK8 and got no respect for my short stack. on the flop of K 10 3, i had no draws. just my aa. the guy who must play partners with his friend always same table and they both checked to each other 8888 and JJJ88 when only them in, he makes a huge pot size bet on the flop, folding everyone. he had a wrap on the straight and a flush draw. he missed totally so my aa won when i never expected it to, saving me a huge pot by getting everyone else out of the pot.

the high outdoors hasnt been over 20 the whole week. every night on the way home the thermometer in the car says its like 2 degrees or less outside. good thing the seat warmers (which warm up the back of the seat too, not just the bottom) work really well.

Rays friend Nick who lives here too since hes going thru his divorce wants another bus driving job part time in las vegas or reno and hes looking to buy a condo for not more than $80,000 outright in cash. he is an omaha player and would be spending most of his time in the orleans when hes not working. if he did me and ray would be welcome to use it too and travel back and forth or swap out residences.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

cleveland trip report

well it feels good to be home without no more plane trips to deal with. i left deadwood with over $16,000 and im up about $700 since leaving. but im still about $8000 less than what i had when i was in biloxi, before the trip to florida, where i blew $3000 worth of bitcoin, before the flight to vegas, the month i spent there, and the 3 weeks i spent in deadwood where i had some bad luck on the VBJ and didnt play enough poker. Ray isnt doing so well though. lost 4 whole nights in a row, and doesnt feel too well either.

he thought going to cleveland might improve his luck, so last night we decided to check out Jacks casino. i sat in the $1-2-5 PLO8 simply because u dont find this game live very much. he later moved to the table too and i only won because i hit a flush on one big hand. most of the pots and the betting werent even that big. lots of nits playing. not like the games in foxwoods or jacksonville.

he didnt win though and was ready to go home so we left. i still like greektown the best for games where i win the easiest and dont wait nearly as long to get seated. motor city is still refusing to sit players when theyres long lists and tons of open seats simply because they want games to break so dealers can go home. MGM had just hit the BBJ when Ray walked in the room too.

right now im playing with the $70 i have on ignition, waiting for Ray to wake up in the other room. his friend Nick lives here too, but hes only home at nights. he's going thru a divorce and needed somewhere to stay.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

first blog posted from new computer

i never would've ended up buying a new computer, were i not to been forced to do so by airport security. yes the same old computer which keeps falling apart, with screws and sharp things sticking out, then wouldnt let me board the plane with it, nor check it in my other baggage because they claimed it set off alarms. at first they told me id need to call their office and pay to have it mailed to me if i didnt wish it to be thrown out, but an hour later when close to time to board the plane, they removed me and told me someone wanted to ask me questions, so i missed my flight. eventually they were satisfied it wasnt a major issue after they investigated the laptop, but it took 2 hours waiting for the 2 techs to come look at it, and the manager for allegiant whose only in the airport a short time some evenings had gone home for the day by the time it got resolved and my laptop returned to me. they couldnt understand why i would be keeping it in such poor condition. i still have no idea if i can get another free ticket to reimburse me but i hate phoning people so im waited for my email to be returned. it takes a while for them to reply this way.

so now i have a new laptop and as soon as i have black trash bags and a dumpster to hide it in, ill throw it out. or maybe mail to ray for use in an emergency. im putting anything i can think of on the new computer, and creating newer passwords which the new computer will autostore. coinbase, online gambling, etc. seems todays fee to send $121 in bitcoin is up to $14, leaving u with only $107. i dont see how the general public will ever use it with these rates (imagine paying this for visa transactions) meaning its turning into a ponzi scheme with only investors and speculators using it, not counting online gamblers. but the general public will never be able to use it in normal use until something is done about transaction fees.

so i left the airport with 15,300 then paid only $42 believe it or not at residence inn by marriott in rapid city thru priceline, which ends up being $55 with fees and tax. but still much less than the $99-159 in other cities. very nice complete kitchen in their rooms. good wifi. laundry facilities in the building, which worked out well since i was down to my last shirt, and now ive got 3 weeks worth of clean clothes once more. i returned to deadwood once i bought the new laptop in walmart before i left rapid city for $267 with tax. sure wasnt going to hang around rapid city with nothing to do and i still couldnt fly til i figured out where to discard of the old one, which still hasnt been done. but im now able to use the new one as opposed to doing everything on the old one.

once i bought it then paid for 2 nites in deadwood checking out tomorrow morning, (might fly to denver) i was down to $14,900. but i won in the $2-10 stud 8 mix yesterday, then over $400 on the VBJ, then over $200 using the bonus slot info where i found about 3 plays lit up. so i pretty much got back all the tons of money this much hassle cost me, and now ive got a new laptop, although a fairly inexpensive one. i wonder what the difference is between an expensive one and an inexpensive one. i just know very soon ill end up wanting some info off the other laptop and wont have it by that time.

i wish i didnt abhor using the phone, i really should be calling allegiant right away. i would ask Ray to but i worry they will ask him something only i could know the answer to. plus, i no longer have a place to live here in deadwood. but then again, maybe God didnt want me to leave deadwood so he kept me here. i know i liked the residence inn, ill never see that price anywhere. surely some of u have stayed in residence by marriott and know the good deal on this price. now im back in the springhill suites for $39 nite. i still need to leave but with the hassle of flying, the cost involved going to the airport and the fact i could live here only $500 per month if i committed to a month at this one further out old motel on the trolley line, it sure feels a waste of money to spend a whole months living expenses just to leave town to go where costs are much higher. i do really wish to get back to poker though, or go to where theres a ton more of these slot machines to check. and im still wondering if the slot machine in the bullock is rigged or not.

i did buy 1 bag of baby carrots in walmart too, wouldve bought more if id known how long i would be in town. plus i was in a hurry due to my lyft waiting for me outside to purchase the laptop as quickly as i could. (with my luggage in her car enroute to deadwood from the residence inn in rapid city). its nice having a working "a" key again. no more using the online keyboard. the "z" key too had stopped working. sometimes my sentences sounded odd because i was trying to avoid using the letter a.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

any slot hustlers reading this blog?

now before we get into this, let me tell u about a certain promotion in deadwood which only is on Sundays. its a good thing it goes every Sunday because theres certainly nothing else going on on sundays here. not every a night church service, only mornings when i investigated. Where i grew up, we didnt think much of churches who only cared about worshipping God once per week instead of sunday morning, sunday evening and wednesday night prayer meetings.

i walked from the Bullock hotel to cadillac Jacks, no poker as often is the case on sundays. on the way over i made $30 checking out a few certain types of slots i was told about, (same ones i earned $500+ off the day before, then lost back $300 on those same types). deadwood has so little business no one ever leaves the bonuses lit up high enough to get the 115% return i was told it offered by a world class professional slot hustler whose done it for over 20 yrs. except for busy weekends. theres no one here sun-thurs in the winter. so i only found 3 plays today, only 1 of which was very strong. yesterday i found quite a bit more.

next door to the cadillac Jack is the first gold casino and ive missed out on a good opportunity i suddenly remembered today from 2 yrs before. on sundays, in just the pit area alone which qualifies, (and u can only win once per day, which increases the others odds-so everyone might win) is $50 every half hour. well in the final drawing of the evening, there were only 2 of us left who hadnt won the $50 already and were among the 5 of us still playing in 1 of the 2 tables open in the pit. so my odds were 50-50 and yes i won the $50 in free match play coupons (10 of $5) i used them and i got unstuck (and $19 up) even without them its a decent $2-100 shoe game with poor penetration of only 60%.

if someone were to flat bet $2 (i dont of course) but if someone did, their expected loss per hour would be very low, and their odds of winning $50 quite good. theres just few people in there on the live tables.

i found a $2 live table ultimate tx hold em pit table game in another casino too, but of course its not over 100% by any means but a very inexpensive way to play a fun live table game. i won $43 on it.

other than this, its not been so well in deadwood this past week and im getting quite bored here. i've been playing online poker, and im down to $17,200. i was down to $16,300 and this is quite a drop from when id been up to over $21,000. i did decide to lower my max bet on the VBJ due to having such bad luck with so many dealer draws to 21 when huge bets out the other night. but on saturday night i finally won $509 in poker at cadillac jacks in the late evening after midnite, which got me out of the hole for dec and over $200 up, due to 2 very loose fish on the table.

what i was taught (and i cannot reveal the machines names or the bonus details as to what determines if theyre worth sitting down on) is when to play 4 different types of bonus slots they offer in deadwood. the info seems simple enough to not forget. and on the first day he showed me this by taking me to each casino in town theyre offered, i was surprised to find so many plays left behind. but this all changed once sunday got here. plus the negative variance of $300+ back saturday night shocked me too.

it showed me a new life i didnt know much of, which the guy who showed me has done his whole life and is one of the biggest name professionals of it. im now researching them online and it seems some hustlers earn very big money per shift doing this, but to me it dont seem possible with so much competition in big markets. i even read of people camping out by some machines with fights over machines left behind. but the main thing is u might only need $1000 to work with instead of the $15-25,000 a $1-2 NL grinder should never go below or spend for bills. which is why so many of them are homeless or appear to be. and so desperate for the chance to sit the second the ploppy/sucker quits the machine with the bonus lit up. theyre underrolled u see.

it appeals to me because even $25 more per day walking by them to go to the poker room would greatly increase my net worth over the year. and im told the potential could be much more. ive been told more hustleable machines exist than ever before. (more hustlers too though). it might help in getting points on my slot cards too for comps, cashback or rooms. i would like to find opportunities which put huge points on them if i could. or a location there would be plenty of plays which would be extremely busy casinos without others hustling.

being in busy markets would require work (periodically walking by checking the machines for bonuses about to light up) but screw camping out near them doing nothing for hours. no wonder these type of people are considered to be the worst kind of hustler.

im wondering how many of u ever done this, or made money doing it, except for 2 i know of who read this blog who never care of no one but themselves and wont give out helpful info. i would love to listen to your story. is this possible to make good money? or too burnt out?

Monday, December 4, 2017

bored out of my mind here, and damn it its cold outside.

i guess what i like most about being in deadwood is i dont feel dependent on having to play poker every single day to have a way to survive and cover my hotel room every night. Being prepaid up til dec 20th for a relatively cheap price is nice and im spending much fewer hours playing poker than i ever have in the last 25 yrs. i couldnt even bring myself to call cadillac jacks on the phone to find out if they ever started up the game this sunday evening, i just assumed they didnt and couldnt get out of bed where id just got off the internet and laid down to read. (another reason i would never wish to own a kindle, the whole point of relaxing with a good book is to be off a computer screen). keeping 6-12 months worth of income in the bank at all times tends to remove the pressure to play every night too. but i would of course if the games existed. this being said, if i were still in vegas spending all my time playing poker, id never got around to sending off for those 2 documents. by the way the birth certificate arrived already and quite quickly. Being here feels like a vacation.

---written 1-2 days earlier---

this morning i lost $900 on the VBJ, but believe it or not overall im still up. $18,900 left. over $1500 of my profits here in deadwood came from the VBJ, no matter how many losing sessions ive had. theres so much snow and ice today the trolley isnt running, so unless i walk the 3 blocks to the VBJ, im staying indoors on ignition. but i might go to the family dollar soon to buy icecream sandwiches cheezits and cereal. which is slightly more than 3 blocks. i was down to $24 on ignition, then turned it into over $200 playing zappit BJ.

theres so many swings on the VBJ no matter u need 10x the bankroll u need for poker to make a little bit less per hour than what u would in poker. this is why being a BJ pro just isnt suitable for most people. if Ray would drive here, (he looked it up its 18 hours, i would think more) i would go not caring im paid up thru dec 20. we could hit up MSP and DM on the way home, plus burlington IA.

the hot works in the shower, but only for 5 minutes. the heat works in here, but i wish the TV cord wouldnt need to be so close to it, i worry my room will catch fire. lots of old building like this, everyone dies in one. including many old rooming houses where i lived, but the 2 which burned down werent when i lived in them. i didnt feel like going to play poker even if there were a game, my sleep hours so messed up, i feel tired at 5-6 pm which is when the game would probably start if it went, with the exception of wed and thrus. wed there is the morning game and u need to be there for this one.

i felt like leaviing today where there better weather, but too much ice. i wonder if the 7.19pm flight to phoenix was canceled tonight. its nonstop. unless u fly allegiant, everything is like $600 from here, with the exception of denver.

this old laptop falling apart, keeps saying 0% not charging, but plugged in. if it slips out 1 second it dies.

im really enjoying not being forced to go play poker every night if i dont feel like it, but i sure dont enjoy not being able to when i really would like to. mostly sun-tues.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

I knew it was due

i just got home after dropping $3000 on the video BJ machine. now lets try to look at the good side of things. nobody of course ever came by to sit, here in deadwood if u lose its not due to the fault of other players. its just bad luck.

i had $21,107 when i left my room, and $18,200 when i returned. but here is the proper way to look at things. when i left vegas i had $16,900 and arrived with $16,800 in deadwood. then i went and collected my free play in the silverado.

after doing so i had $18,200 on me that evening. i think i won some playing poker that day too, but not too much. so im not one dime worse off than i was after id picked that up.

and yet ive accomplished all of this. (truth is, id won close to $4000 on that VBJ before i lost). i paid my rent thru dec 20. i sent my family their christmas gifts. i ordered both a birth certificate and a consuelar report of birth. i've got to fix it so i can play online poker from my room though, its boring as hell when theres no poker, and i keep wanting to sleep between 5pm to 11pm when theres more likely to be games.

i dont think i should be upset i came here, ive done some things which need done, but i know i cannot drop another big chunk. got to bet less. once i got stuck well over $500 i started betting more than i shouldve before i shouldve. the last $1000 was lost playing without patience to wait. its really bugging me the lack of poker games in this town except 3-12 pm wed-saturday.

Monday, November 27, 2017

been working hard since theyres nothing else to do.

Well theres not much to do in this town since theyres so little live poker in the winter, except for mondays, wednesdays, thursdays, fridays and saturdays. u wont find games sundays or tuesdays, and u might not on mondays. So ive been spending my time on the BJ machine, where im up about $3000 since coming here. almost took a huge loss this morning of over $1000 but i recovered.

and since i cant "work" i might as  well put my vacation here to good use. the birth certificate i ordered which let me do it over the internet they called me about this morning. i should get it within 2 weeks since i paid a bunch of extra money for expedited service. then i went to the library to use their computer printer since ive got none and filled out the info for the replacement of the conseular report of birth abroad, which since it takes 4-6 weeks for processing is being sent to Rays house. i wrote out a $50 money order at the post office to the department of state after taking it to a notary public after i filled out my info and signed it in the library. lets hope they find it so i dont need the long complicated N-600 form which costs $600. i hope my mother was honest about the fact she registered me that night.

then i got a cashiers check for $1500 at a different bank than BOA since theres none here, and deposited it in my BOA account by cell with her help in taking the picture and scanning it. i will be saving the check a week then will be totally destroying it so it cant be found. BOA says to do this. i now see it as "processing" in my online bank statement.

then i opened up a bank account for $3000. i didnt think i would have enough ID, but she told me what i had was enough and she opened up an account, gave me temporary debit card, and ill get the permanent one in a week. i did make sure the manager would keep an eye on incoming mail since so many important things are enroute.

so ive got over $4500 less on me than i did, so now i wont be carrying nearly as much cash, giving me a lot more peace of mind. hopefully i wont take any huge losses where ill need to begin withdrawing it. ive not had any losses yet on it except for close to $200. every time i got stuck quite a bit more, i got it back. im overdue to lose.

then i found out today how housekeeping works, and where to throw out the garbage in which dumpster. not sure yet where to have alyisa send the books. if i stayed here longer i know of 2 motels not as good options due to location further out for $500 per month which is a bit less.

glad that im still over $20,600 even with all this done. remember, after i claimed the $1400 in free slot play, i still only had $18,200. this was before i paid the months rent too. so u can see what ive won on the VBJ. ive won far less than $200 at poker and seldom got to play