Sunday, November 19, 2017

why its so difficult for me to change

sad to admit, when i left the golden gate, i really was only down $1700 and i decided to go out to hoover dam lodge one last time instead of the strip to play BJ. i've won there almost every trip out there $500 or more. and a few hours after i was there, id had back all but $125 of what i was down for the night. then suddenly everything went wrong, and by the time i took the Uber back downtown and spent the rest of the night playing poker in the nugget, i really was down $3500. all because i couldnt quit while only down $125. then i lost over $200 in the poker room too, but in there i played pretty good, took a bad beat on the final hand when he hits the flush on the river. most of the time i was stuck very little in the poker room.

i went ahead and booked my plane ticket its leaving this afternoon and its nonrefundable of course. plus i booked 3 nights hotel for another $144 in the springhill suites. (not a bad hotel for this low of price). most would be much higher priced.

on the way to the airport ill need my uber driver to stop in the thrift store so i can buy me 1 more pair of used pants plus a coat or ill freeze.

its very difficult to not get incredibly angry at those who go out to the casinos to have a good time when u are unable to emphasize with that and relate to it because u never get to yourself because if u dont spend 100% of the time u are in there working instead of playing u wont be able to survive. $10 isnt much of an hourly rate and i sure miss the $20 per hour of some previous years. been living off previous winnings for some time now. if people were in my situation (some in vegas grinding away close to being broke are) theyd understand more why i get so mad at the lucky privledged few who dont sweat if they win or lose. nor bother to learn the correct way to win the easiest.

to relive stress, some people have a good woman in their lives they go home to every night. someone they know loves them and accepts them unconditionally (only if theyre black) and others dont have one because they dont drink, dont smoke weed, dont get high on meth, so women see them as killjoys and bigots who are no fun. especially if u dont know how to drive, are unable to learn how, and must stress over bills continually. and of course have a disability which makes u unable to socially relate to other people.

70 yrs ago (before world war 2) women cared more about mens feelings and accepted them as they are. my mom considers homosexuality one of the worst of sins just like God does and believed a womans place is in the home if she is married. she never once dated after my father died when i was 1, but of course then she worked a job to survive from time to time. plus got welfare and food stamps at times. mostly had to work though. but she wouldnt if she were married. a woman is supposed to be there for whatever her husband needs. if u read the Bible u will see what a blessing a wife is and what she is to be like.

nowdays if u dont support queer rights, u arent accepted in this world. it wasnt enough to want to get married, now that they have this, they want to force others who dont approve of their sinful life to participate in their weddings or be sued and lose their jobs and businesses. they bully people mercilessly, including me every time i ran away from home and hitchhiked by insisting i let them blow me. then others become homosexual as an adult because they were molested as a child. no gay people want someone over 18. all the gay men i ever met only wanted me if i were 15-19. no one since. but its only women who feel this way about homosexuality. many men still dont like it and its why men hide it while women want the entire world to know when theyre gay and they show it off by trying to be physically unattractive to men.

the problem is u cant risk the penalties of changing your beliefs. for if u do the Bible makes it clear u will spend eternity in hell. Its too bad God cares so much more about your sex life than how u get along with others. for if u try to get along with others, they wont accept u unless u give in and say God didnt mean what he said about gay sex being a wicked evil. but he is so focused on who u have sex with, u will end up like me without ever being with anyone and unable to physically no more due to poor health, but still wish u had someone to hug u kiss u and tell u they loved u and hold u close every night. knowing u will never get this because u wasted 20 yrs of your life and are now too old for the only women who have no issues or baggage but are way too far left. its no wonder Roy Moore preferred women much younger than him.

i will be so glad to no longer be in vegas for i do need a vacation away from here. i knew i wouldnt win forever in the golden gate, and im tired of high priced housing. and Uber fees too. no more paying $800 or so per month with Uber. i wish i could find me a normal landlord so id have far more towns i could settle down in long as a poker game exists.. but i cant trust anyone enough to not have me setup and murdered to tell them ive got over $16,000 in the bank still. (was alot more). if u let a random guy renting his house off the net know this, u are risking your life if u arent able to fight. and to think u might not be able to pay so they wont rent to u? this is laughable, for the only people who cant pay or wont pay their rent are those who are broke. not those with close to 6-12 months income in their checking account at all times.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

well i guess i wont be playing no more BJ in the golden gate downtown vegas, not after losing $3000

i woke up tonight in my room in the golden gate and decided to play some BJ (since the room is free, it is kind of rude and looks bad to the host who gave it to me if i dont play or play too low of stakes). and i wish id went by the bank of america and deposited cash on me so id been carrying less like i originally was going to yesterday. but being i had no coffee in the room (ive never understood or bothered to learn how to use the in room coffeemaker in most hotels) or no more bottles of water, i decided now would be a good time to sit so id get served quickly.

the first waitress told me she was only dropping off the order of the one older lady sitting alone (not counting me) on my table and goes home at 6pm, so the other girl would get my order. i decided to sit out on every running count of minus 1 or lower until i got a chance to order, so i wouldnt get heavily stuck while waiting on my drinks. not that this really helps since the bets in plus counts are so much bigger.

i'd only sat there instead of going straight to the nugget poker room so i could get free drinks very quickly. the BJ tables are usually where u get priority service.

the only good news to report is when the new girl came on 15 minutes later, right as i was getting ready to figure out which person would listen to a complaint and have the power to do something, (rare) she actually brought the drink with her since the other girl happened to tell her. so i was relieved i didnt have to order and then wait for her return. so i gave her $2 instead of $1. i felt she deserved it.

so i came across a good count (the running count hit +7 and increased from there deep enough into the shoe to bring the true count over +1) and started raising the bets. a hand of $19. (from $5 min). 2 spots of $20. 2 spots of $45. 2 spots of $100. and i kept losing every single hand. i sat out (even being the only player) if someone stood where they could watch if i won or not, saying i was superstitious about others watching me lose every penny i have to my name. when they walked on (or sat and placed a bet instead of just watched) i then got back in, i wasnt about to leave while stuck until the good count disappeared.

some of the hands i lost doubles or splits so i wasnt exactly doubling bets, sometimes i needed to go to 3x the bets or so. plus sometimes added on. 2 new guys sat (was by myself most of the time) seeing i was explaining to people i was losing my ass and would rather be alone. but its hard to reason with drunks who dont give a fuck about u or how ur feeling and what makes u happy all they want is to sit and bet $5 and to not do it at any other table than the one u are losing on. alcohol, just like drugs, should be illegal.

i lost 2 spots of $235, with a double, then 2 spots of $450. i was asked by 2 new guys (who didnt see the losses) how i was doing and if i minded them sitting and i told them exactly what i was thinking. dont ask if u dont wish to know. i told them i could care less if the dealer and his mother died in a serious car accident and i hoped they went broke, became homeless and lost everything they had because if it happened to me it should to them too. i told them how i felt about them hiring dealers who werent white and are foreignors and how it should be illegal cause its racist, because u shouldnt have to be asian to get hired. unfair to blacks, whites, etc and all non-asian peoples. i told them how my main goal was to make sure no one had a good time unless i was too, and how people should be executed for people watching and how rude it is, and especially if theyre just out to have a good time not caring how this would effect the others who take the game seriously. i told them how this casino should be burned to the ground and how i prayed it took place soon.

security honored my wish to leave before i lost the entire $4100 i left the room with, and they even assisted me in gathering up all my belongings in the room and escorting me off the premises so none of the others who mightve wanted to hit me did so. so there goes tonights free hotel room.

so tonight as i prepare to leave vegas and go back to toledo where i can start getting my life right with God so i wont be so angry and wont be playing no more BJ since its not low enough stakes there there is 2 things i wanted to do before i left town. 1 is to play in the aria since ive never been inside and i was told they might not even know of the ban since my beau rivage card isnt banned.

the other thing is to play $2-5 nl in the wynn with a $1500 buyin. ive never played this high in the wynn, except for the time i got the $500 $5-10 stake many years ago which i lost. maybe since its night ill win, i only know id lose during morning day shift in $1-3 most of the time. maybe buying in deep ill win. ive stayed over $10,000 for around 2 yrs now and i hope ill still be over that during tomorrows flight or maybe early morning flight. so im going to get the strip bus. first i locked the bags up in another casino so i wont need to haul them with me.

some of u might think ill be better off never playing BJ in the golden gate no more anyway. but even with tonights huge loss, i still came out up in the long run. primarily due to over $7000 in wins in january.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

I folded pocket Queens

Lets talk about emotional issues and how they effect EVERYTHING to do with ones poker results. since everyone knows about my bad fold of QQ preflop in the poker kraut vlogger westgate game and video. video of me folding QQ go to the 9.35 mark

everyone on my twitter (and even my Uber driver on the way home was asking me about my fold there, since he follows different poker vloggers) and im well aware now it wasnt the best fold, but once im up for the day (a significant amount meaning well over $100) its hard to continue playing my best because i get paranoid ill destroy the entire nights profit. now if im behind, i dont fear losing the money (but i should) so then i get too much in a hurry to either make coin flips or win a big pot to get unstuck. people in my game would be able to win much more against me if they kept track of how much im up or down.

i did eventually leave the westgate Kraut game with over $200 profit, but i couldve done much better there. but the second i get scared of losing it back, i need to go, immediately. which is why i dont think others should object to those hitting and running. no one should feel forced to sit when they feel too uncomfortable to play their best anymore.

i totally forgot about how the 7-2 bounty would cause many opponents to make much looser preflop raises with this particular hand, simply because im not as used to playing in tables with this bounty than some of his vlog readers. to me, big raises and then much bigger reraises represent real hands preflop. bets in last position, or made too often, or on someones straddle, represent garbage to me, and then sometimes i lose money when it turns out to not be so.

tonight i let emotionally upsetting things at the table affect me too and im out over $1700 tonight when i returned home. my moral sensibilities were offended due to the sheer number of women who were queer in my table and especially how rich the biggest offender was who kept talking about things she spent the money on and what shes planning to do with it. but then again i won $40 in this game, but i did give back alot of the win. but i did get to where i couldnt listen to the conversations of traveling overseas (how they could afford it being retired) and how they were "more enlightened"

so i left bored, to go play BJ in the golden gate, where i usually win. and i lost so much my host came by and i got him to give me this fri and sat nite free of charge. so maybe ill take the sun plane out of town instead of the thurs one. i've got 3 nites ive never used in silver 7 too, but thats weekdays only. often days arent available and are sold out.

too many players in my BJ game werent playing correctly, (annoys me) the loud music with dancers (annoys me) the fact they give them dog collars with their names to wear about their neck offends my moral sensibilities (annoys me) people smoking nearby (annoys me) new guy sitting too close to me instead of over in the other empty chair since i was playing 2 spots with 2 empty chairs. (annoys me). he comes in i have 2 big bets out there because its a good count and i lost multiple prior hands in a row. $275 and $275 bets. he gets dealt A7, dealer has 9 showing theres like 4 of us playing, his first hand. he wont hit like he should, then i double down on my 92, and get the A which wouldve given him 19 instead of the soft 18 he has now. then i hit my 12, (on my other hand that is) and bust with the face card which wouldve given me 21 instead of 12 if he wouldve took the ace. so i ended up losing 3 bets of $275 then i quit pissed off. i swear no one could be this dumb. i think the house at times gives shills money to play to try to fix things so good players lose and get too mad to think clearly. people say u should give others the benefit of the doubt, which i do, i give them the benefit of the doubt theyre not that fucking retarded and just trying to make us lose on purpose. (why i get so mad)

then i returned to the nugget, down over $1200-1300. sit back in a different game buy a massage and lose over $500 within an hour, not all on one buyin. but i had to get the uber quite a bit early. i start talking to him and he mentions he knows me from poker, asks if i watch any vlogs, then i find out hes seen my QQ fold.

only thing i enjoyed was the massage the black girl gave me who isnt usually working in there and the good looking girl in my BJ table in the golden gate who was with some other girl. surprisingly enough, the girl by me knew the correct way to play, noticed her friends errors and played much better than her friend. too bad i couldnt convince her to come to the nugget poker room, but she wanted to go eat.. she left before the big loss. now these 2 women definitely werent gay she actually liked men instead of hating them and was much better looking. for a moment i almost thought it was cdizzy, who ive not heard from today, no idea if her plane arrived.

yesterday me and alysia chang played omaha in the orleans but first she met seattle irish in the nugget. i left before she did and took uber because she just wouldnt quit the omaha game for nothing, no matter how tired. but i did win in the game $83. i think she never got unstuck her $250. i really appreciate the big favor she did me of storing my 50 christian books i never had time to read near all before my upcoming checkout fri morning or thrus nite this week. (tomorrow) now i can feel free to take the bus or plane without wondering what would become of these books i paid $60 for. we drove thru mc d and she bought the food since i didnt have change for $100 and i will return it in comps in the future somewhere.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

poker in the nugget with the trooper plus BJ

well i havent played much but poker ever since i dropped down in the $15,000s. i guess thats one of the main reasons ive come back to just over $18,000. thank God i didnt have the big drop tonight, had too much in the game, but recovered my $460 earlier loss and eventually went home up $53 for the night.

the trooper was in my game for 2-3 hours earlier and hardly played a hand except for the poker grump 2-4 hand, where he flopped the wheel, and busted me when i shoved the nut flush draw. i expected 2 callers or more, but only he called. i thought id get better odds. i wasnt the preflop raiser and about 5 of us seen the flop for $12. i eventually quit the game down $460, long after he left. i caught myself making 2 really bad calls. i just couldnt quit with a loss, so i made the loss much bigger.

went to play some BJ, took $2500 out of the money behind the cage. seldom could raise my bet, so i bet quite low. never was down more than $500 nor up over $150. never saw any good plus counts except like 5 hands out of 200. i was just lucky in that i won a few key hands with doubles and splits. i wouldve won more were it not for my 45 minute massage at the table.

i was lucky in the golden gate too the day before. won over $150, and the other 3 off duty plaza dealers in the game were tipping so much the dealer colored up $150 in tips that hour too. there were like 10 of them off duty employees, most sitting in the bar. i dont think this bar has hookers. like the fremont bar, its just employees sitting.

but ive not played much BJ lately no more VBJ, or bitcoin BJ after those big losses. the only good VBJ in this area is so far outside boulder city its almost $40 to get there.

ive been using the bus more lately too, since uber isnt giving me discounts or lyft. and im doing a better job of waking up later, and going to sleep later.

when i returned to the $1-2 NL i brought the whole $2525 i left the BJ table with from my $2500 buyin. i eventually cashed out $3013. but i was down to $2250+ once. i won 2 key hands, one by sucking out. stole close to 3 smaller pots.

still wondering what will happen by nov 17 checkout, my time is rapidly running out. it will be quite difficult to be back over the $19,200 needed every time rent is up.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

westgate Pokerkraut vloggers game

    I'm glad to report the $15,700+ is now at $16,700+ which means i didnt end up with a losing month in October, meaning i should still only be having 1 losing month per year. i've not played no more even money VBJ, no more buffalo machines no more VP and no more bitcoin BJ. so the comeback is from poker. but theres certainly a long ways to go compared to what i had in biloxi and detroit.

as always the wins and losses come in streaks every day in a row. this week it was just winning streaks. some of it from the westgate, some from the stratosphere, most of it from the poker palace and the nugget. i too found out the Uber monthly pass wont be available anytime soon.

i made sure to go to the westgate vlogger game sun night at 8 once i heard about it from Mark selby of the stratosphere. Pokerkraut was hosting it and the $10 once per dealer bomb pots were mandatory, the $10 2-7 bounty was mandatory, but at least the straddle wasnt. $100-300 buyin instead of the normal $50-200. i went early played all afternoon in the normal $1-2 then switched tables when it started up. eventually they got 2 tables. im sure he will have some good video of the game up soon, including my one bad fold with QQ preflop. when i finally left several hours later, (worried the girl Christin from pokerstars/ireland would bust me or seat 3 on the other end) i was up $214 and when i switched tables i was down $135 so id say i did quite well, even though i only got to collect the 2-7 bounty once unless it were twice. especially considering i took a bad beat with AK right off for my entire stack.

another girl was there even better looking who insisted on not being on film. id swore it was pokerkrauts wife or the girl Molly from the troopers videos but it wasnt. some girl named melanie and her husband ryan, and i think they work in the MGM pokerroom.

when i first moved into my place i wanted to use part of the $20k to get some help with getting my ID problems resolved. but i cannot figure out what to do first, and now i no longer have the funds. plus i needed to do this only if i couldve got it for more than 4 weeks since it takes up to 8 weeks. the citizenship attorney i contacted via his website email never replied back. im not sure which document i need first or whether ill need the N-600, the N-400 or just the consuelar report of birth. but it dont seem i know how to get any of these, so i need to just pay someone who can help. i wish i could give someone else the money to do the work, because im not understanding where to start. do i try to get the passport first? my computer dont have a printer to download forms either. but it did say if u were without the proof of your conseular birth report u could just pay extra $150 and theyd look for it for u. this would make the passport like $250+

how do they expect homeless people to do this to get shelter who dont have $600? plus dont california give ids to those who cant prove citizenship? not the normal id but some special form which is probably pretty much useless.

notice where i reported someone being unfairly treated and their livelihood being fucked with.

my comments on page 774? seems the moderator agreed the guy was being unfairly taken advantage of and removed a lot of posts but thankfully not mine. the story was a guy created a fake twitter and facebook site where he was marketing the troopers stuff without his permission and planning to pay him nothing. i felt they should be closed too. though he isnt one of my friends, i just felt like the Bible says to stand against injustice when u see it.

Friday, October 27, 2017

met a guy from twitter this evening

I've done a lot of poor decisions in the past few weeks, starting with the loss of $1700 in Biloxi at Boomtown. of course, at the time it was just normal variance in blackjack, with my big bets in with an edge. but it sure started a seriously downhill swing. i went to florida, continued to lose and pay too much in expenses, and im wondering if id done better in florida by playing nights.

the $24,900 i had in biloxi is now $15,700. thats it and ive not been this low in a year or two. i was at $19,100 after recovering $500 since prepaying the rent til Nov 17. Then i went and played in the stratosphere, thanks to Mark Selby letting me back in a place where he works. (i never went in there once i heard Mark got hired there since he threw me out of the westgates old room-brand new management in there now, all new employees, new room too) so ive played there since returning to town too. but did i ever get clobbered in the stratosphere. first day im there i won $250 high hand but left only up about $125. the next day or so later when i returned i lost $515 in the game. and i shouldve won that but they got me out early on and both times id won huge pots with ace hi flushes. so i left frustrated and then threw $400 in the buffalo machine. Vince claims u can win on it. nope u cant.

then the following night i blew $200 in the wynn poker room, then over $450 on the video POKER in the encore. then i went and bought $300 worth of bitcoin lost it too.

then i lost $800 tonight in the orleans on that horrible even money 7 hands at once video BJ. this was only after destroying a $209 win, turning it into only $4 win in the $8-16 hilow. then i dropped the last $100 in the nugget. and the night before, i lost $550 in live BJ in the golden gate where i usually win. this too was following a $200 loss from poker.

so im kind of been short tempered with others the past 2-3 days. and ive got far more books in the mail than ill ever be able to read before my rent expires.

----- the rest of this was typed up last night, --- and will add today i finally broke the ice by winning $269 in the westgate, though i was stuck most of the whole time til the very end. @dollarthrill on twitter was in there, and as he was about to sit when i was quitting (must do so immediately due to not being able to handle risking my profit) we decided to play in the stratosphere instead. i rode there with him, min bought $50, lost it to an idiot who called $50 preflop HU with 48 suited and hit it, then rebought $72 and lost it too. JJ vs AK the second time, and his seat again didnt open til i was forced to go or id lost back the whole nights profit. relaxing at home now with the $147 in profit minus Uber fees. i hope he is in there now busting them.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

i now have a stable address for a while again

Seattle Irish was asking me why i was back in vegas and why i left after the WSOP and Koala were gone. well u see i had $19,200 right before i took the room for 5 weeks and i wanted to not be losing ground if i was going to continue staying in vegas. by the time my 5 weeks were up, i then had less than $19,200.

i had to leave Tampa, couldnt win, games were too nitty. (since then ive been told the higher stakes arent as tight as the $1-2). i did think id only be here briefly then fly elsewhere or bus it elsewhere to los angeles to play $12-24 mix in HG. but my stats this year were lousy in stud and limit 08 and im not sure why since i used to win in those games in the 1990s. at one point shortly after playing here, i was down in poker close to $1700 for the month of october. im now happy to say im only down close to $300 for october in poker. at $9.69 per hour again which once dropped to only $9.10 (for the entire year). but this is still much much lower than practically every other year this decade. it should be from $12-20.

i still think theres good BJ to be found in vegas but ive noticed there now putting the cut card at like 6 of 8 decks instead of 7 of 8 decks. im not sure if theyre doing this for everyone in the golden gate, or just me. i've mostly won this session, lost $500 once but won $650 once and $250 once. plus over $400 on the machine in hoover dam. there mightve been one more winning session too.

so im sick of flying, or riding a bus or Uber or train. i wanted an address id be at to order things in the mail. this time ill be staying closer to the Rio than before, and for less money too. so i took a place for 1 month and ive still got over $18,600 left. so when my time is up, as long as im back over $19,200 ill feel im "ok". i just hope i dont take no big losses.

so i went out and bought $87 worth of food too, filling up the fridge, and rebuying things like water pitchers and plastic microwave containers. plus some archie comics. ill try to ask uber about getting the monthly pass. my time will end mid nov unless i renew.i wouldnt mind going to phoenix but worry i wont like the BJ there.

Thursday, October 12, 2017


 Seattle Irish was right and im not going to be anywhere within 1000 miles of Tampa. maybe he can also tell me the meaning of my weird dream last night in which i was shoveling peoples snow for their christmas gift since i didnt have no money.

i felt like my table was filled with nothing but assholes in the hardrock this evening. 3 different people bet me off hands then showed a stone cold bluff, and 2 other times when i called i was shown the nuts. once with their aa preflop against my KK, and one other hand ive forgot. i wonder how many only played this way cause they knew my blog/twitter?

the reservation i managed to get out of by telling a major lie without any charges got canceled yesterday and i seriously thought last night i wish i couldve rebooked it for the same price. yes it wouldve cost me over $2500 for the next 5 weeks but upon checkout i wouldve got back $875 so it wouldve only ended up being like $1600. which isnt too bad per week for a better hotel. if i wouldve rebooked normally it wouldve been like $1000 more. this is why i prebooked it before the offer expired.

yes last night i won close to $165, biggest win here. im still out about $900 in poker for october. but today the losing was nonstop and i shouldve followed seattle irish advice to move tables. horribly tight most of the time except for those bluffs. i finally couldnt take it no more and i wouldve done a lot of things to get permanently banned or have the police called had i not quietly grabbed my chips and cashed out.

so i went straight to a christian book store picked out a book for $13 to read on the plane and then took Uber to the airport. bought a ticket for $83.88 and left. i will still have a roll of about $18,400 since i got the other reservation canceled without charged.

i just need to be where i wont be charged $400-500 per week to live but $150-300. plus theres no BJ here unless u can wong in and out of $25 shoes.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Tampa trip report

Things just arent going so well, and for the first time in a long time im down to only $16,400. this is due to the fact im still out over $800 for October in poker, (im not winning, and the entire 2017 hourly for over 2000 hours is now less than $9.75 per hour). way too much spent on traveling, motels, and prepaying my rent up til nov 17 here in tampa to cut the cost down by over $150 per week, and im still paying over $325 per week. Plus im switching rooms on friday (it wasnt all in the same hotel). But theres tons of games to choose from here, and most were not very tight. im sure it cannot be repeated but several years prior, i did win over $21 per hour here. This was at a time my roll was floating between $11,000 and $13,000 and i dont remember the exact dates. i do remember posting how much i was annoyed by certain casino policies in the old poker room.

Most of the drop was the $3000 bitcoin i bought for $275 juice, then quickly lost. the rest of the drop was more rental payments than poker losses. no live BJ losses here. very little play too, with the $25 minimums. lot of it went on Uber fees too.

i visited the dogtrack on Nebraska where the hookers hang out (the streets 1-2 miles north and south, certainly not in the room) and none of the motels on this street are safe (or have any whites residing in the rooms). the only whites u might see are the hookers, and few of those. but the games in the dogtrack were good. i briefly got $200 up then lost it all and left down $85.

the motels on hillsbourough arent much better, but i think id feel safer there, its a main city busline i used to ride often. then theyres other motels east of the casino ive never been in i need to find out weekly prices. by mid nov, im going to be really broke. i will be getting back $300 for every 75 hours of poker in october if i remember to collect. Plenty of massage parlors on hillsbourough too, for less than the $2 minute in the Hardrock.

yes some of those annoyances were the nonstop requests of does anyone want an overpriced $2 minute massage? most of us earn $10 per hour or much less on our jobs, we sure wont spend $120 per hour on this. then theres $2 chips, the person in the SB (or left of the MS straddle acting first) and long waits a lot of the time for seats.

probably a bigger annoyance tonight for 2 of their customers were a guys quad aces got beat by another quad aces with 2 minutes to go in the high hand. then 20 seconds to go, his got beat by an even better hi hand.

i got bluffed one pot, but correctly folded QQ on another big pot. at least i recovered the phone i left in the Uber 2 days ago, with the help of AKgal. im due to lose it been like 4 out of 4 ive got it back when ive lost it now.

though u cant eat at the tables, the price of burgers or chicken tenders or fries is sure cheap in the new poker room.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Biloxi Trip report

seems when i last updated the blog, i was just arriving in Shreveport. well, Ray decided there wasnt enough poker action in the eldorado as there used to be and felt like the games would be better (and be more of them) in Lake charles, more like the multiple tables u see in detroit where he is used to. (i think the best place would be Jacksonville or Miami myself). so we left in 2-3 days for Lake charles.

on the way we stopped in coushatta, where im happy to report theres now 2 dealers angels machines instead of 1. ray hated the poker room however, when he took a bad beat for $100 (and i still didnt break the curse there, i lost $20 in the poker room-never playing nothing but blinds) its the only room i lost $2500 in a week just buying in $100-200 in $1-3 NL. turns out 2 nights after we left they had PLO mix and $2-5 NL, i never knew those even went there. its mostly $4-8 fixed room. didnt even look to see if i could get 1 free night.

since we got there on a weekday instead of a weekend, we were able to do the promotion in the Lauberge (well i got the hours in) for the $49 room rate. looked at longer term weeklies which were way way overpriced. its quite expensive here for those who arent renting apartments much more than most destinaions. the games didnt last all 24 hours, but at nights, the games were much looser than during the day. i continued to win in the $1-3 NL. Louisiana and MS theres $1-3 instead of $1-2 for the most part.

Ray felt like Biloxi would be much cheaper (not knowing the week oct 1-8 is called cruising the coast, with antique cars) and is the most expensive week in biloxi during the year. since he used to earn his living here playing stud 20 yrs ago, he felt the action would be better here. except for the tremendous availability of good cheap BJ games here, its not. once more places opened more poker, just like Tunica, this place died down. right now we are in the hardrock, courtesy of his sister in florida, who gets free rooms often. and ive prepaid a room elsewhere for 2 weeks on wed. but theres not always 24/7 games here. even the Beau went dark one morning.

the first night here while in the IP staying 1 night, i saw an 70-80 yr old man punch pokermonkeys friend Kai in the face because he didnt like his comment about his wifes picture. then he left before security came. the next day in the IP, i bought in $4500 to recover a long overdue $1800 BJ loss in boomtown next door. but before that i was up close to $3000 this month on BJ. i ended up losing close to $600 in the game. but i did good at first. caught a loose guy bluffing for $600, but later paid him off when i flopped 2 pair, he flopped a better 2 pair. cost me $1700. then i bluffed an asian lady preflop for $50 with T5 offsuit. she called me, she previously raised to $8. flop comes 55T and i bet it the whole way thru the river, she called the whole way, including my allin on the river. she had KK. they were still talking about it 2 days later and even on the Beau they were talking about it. it wasnt til i got to biloxi i stopped winning. though i had one good session here.

theres only 2 rooms with games, seems most of the poker rooms dont get games. not for $1-3 NL. too little population with too many rooms. but ive seen tons of good 3-2 low stakes BJ. plus i managed to get a safety deposit box without needing to be a hotel guest of the casino. im down to only $23000 though i was close to $25,000. both rooms were no max buyin. and straddle from anywhere but the blinds, but only for $6

still might get to meet lori here in biloxi, her husbands room here in the HR closed so hes in the pit now.